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If you are not interested in our current studies or if there are no recruiting studies at the moment but would like to be considered for the upcoming clinical studies or future studies, please fill out the form below and we will add your information to our research database. When new studies are ready to start recruiting, those in the research database will be pre-screened first based on the the answers provided in the form. If you qualify for a study, our study coordinator will contact you and schedule a telephone screening.

1.) Are you between the ages of 18 and 75? (* Mandatory Field)

2.) Do you suffer from (* Mandatory Field)

2a.) If "Other" is selected as option. Please specify Other in the box below (* Mandatory Field)

3.) Do you take any medication for your symptoms? (* Mandatory Field)

4.)Are you currently on immunotherapy (allergy shots)? (* Mandatory Field)

5.) Have you ever been on immunotherapy (allergy shots)? (* Mandatory Field)

6.) Do you have a history of smoking? (* Mandatory Field)

As mentioned earlier, your answers and eligibility will be reviewed by our study coordinator,who may contact you with additional questions, or to discuss the details of the study with you

Please give us your contact information:

Your Name (* Mandatory Field)

DaytimeTelephone (* Mandatory Field)

Your Email (* Mandatory Field)

By providing and sending this personal information you are allowing ‘Cheema Research Inc’ to contact you to collect information required to screen you for eligibility in a clinical research study, and to collect follow-up data if entered into a clinical research study i.e., strictly for research purpose.

We thank you for your interest in registering with us for our database / clinical studies at Cheema Research Inc!

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